Pro07 High Power UV Projector for 4K DLP 3D Printing


Pro Professional High Power 4K UV Projector, High Resolution UV Projector for 4K Resin 3D Printers

This high power 3D printed UV projector for 4K resin 3D printing with the Pro07 is dedicated for 4K UV light Curing.

Pro07 is a high-power UV LED projector that produces high quality,powerful and stable 4K 3D prints. The Pro07 features high-tech 4K UV LED technology and advanced optical performance, which enables users to achieve great definition and smooth surface finish in UV lithography. The difference between PDC07 and Pro07 is the light intensity and better industry design.

  • Excellent Optical Performance: The Pro07 High Power 7w LED 4K UV Projector offers excellent optical performance with high brightness, excellent resolution and a variety of other features to make your 4K 3D printing experience even better.

  • Easy Installation: No need for lengthy instruction manuals just to tell you how to install the projector. The steps are super simple, you’ll have the machine up and running in minutes when HDMI connected with PC.

  • Best for scientific industrial work environment: The Pro07 is equipped with a high performance, high quality lens ,TIR prism,mirror and other optical components to ensure that the images projected are crisp and crystal clear.


  • High Resolution: 3840 x 2160 (XPR)


  • Contrast:1200:1

  • Uniformity:>92%

  • LED Wavelength: 405nm/385nm

  • Light power: 7W(light-out)@405nm

  • Size:L336*W210*H204mm

  • Power Supply:AC110V-240V,50/60HZ,DC24V/7A

  • Video Interface: HDMI

  • Configuration light engine system, including UV LED module, main board, thermal solution

  • Control interface: USB/RS232

  • Software Download:

  • Optional projector lenses

  •  Optional Lens:



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