About us

    Our company is a professional supplier of 3D printer resin. We provide a complete range of SLA ,DLP, 355&405 3D printing Resin that can be mixed with other brands of materials, and also support the use of other brands of printers. Currently, there are used in Industry like rapid prototypes,automotive models,Buddha figures, industrial ABS, shoe molds, transparent and other .  

    Types of 3d  resins like:white Pattern printer 3d resin ,ABS-like special material 3d printer resin,shoe & Buddha model 3d printer resin  ,transparent 3d printing resin

    We will provide customers with technical support to help adjust parameters.



Contact Us

Contact: Melissa Zheng

Phone: 86-185 5923 6160

E-mail: info@zs3dresin.com

Whatsapp:0086 185 5923 6160

Add: Add: Room 501, No.213,Longshan South Road, Xiamen, China